Youtube Channel Buzzfeed Yellow (Yellow, you know what I mean) always cheers me up.
Specially at 2AM when my heart desires some racist jokes.
Procrastination has no time or cultural limits. Remember that.

That`s why I`m sharing this video with you all.
The video is pretty accurate and can be applied throughout Asian diasporas in Western countries, although Jenny Yang is Chinese-American.
You can also replace some of the mentioned examples with local ones… Like … Boston with Prague.

And yes. Not all of us are good at math. But when some of us do, it`s also thanks to tricks we (well, mostly Japanese kids) have been taught at schools.

And honestly – Asians usually ARE bad drivers (applies to me and my mommy at least). It`s not because we do not give a fcuk. It`s because we see nothing from the driver`s seat.

Don`t you dare putting gong in there!